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School council

All of the key stage 2 classes (Y3-Y6) have appointed two children to represent their class on the school council.  This year we decided to coincide our voting with the international day of democracy.  We talked about what it means to represent your class, like an MP, how voting works and why it is such a responsible job.

The school councillors have to go to council meetings each week which are minuted. In the meetings they share their ideas and then take back their discussions to their class and their ideas are given to senior leadership team to help shape their school's vision and actions.

Year 3

On the Day of Democracy, Year 3 thought about how democracy works and we put it into practice!

The children who were interested in the position of ‘Year 3 School Councillor’ devised their own speech for the class. They included reasons why they thought they could represent the class well and what they could bring to the role. They all gave their fantastic speeches, they had a round of questions from the class and then the class voted for the people they thought would represent them well.

Evelyn and Tristan have been voted as our Year 3 school councillors! Congratulations!



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