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Celebrations and Masses


New Year & Harvest Mass October 2019

Feast of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux Mass   

 First Holy Communion 2019






The Crowning of Mary

The Marian tradition has long been upheld within the Catholic tradition and we at St Joseph’s have for the last two years held a crowning of Mary liturgy in school.  Unfortunately for the last two years the weather has not cooperated and we have had to hold it indoors!  This has not however detracted from the beauty of the celebration.  Our oldest and youngest children crowned the statue of Mary and we all laid flowers at her feet to remind us of how she intercedes for us on a daily basis.

St Joseph the Worker Mass

As our partron Saint – St Joseph is very important to us.  He is our role model for being selfless and hardworking. 

We celebrated his feast day with a Mass written by and entirely led by year 6. 

The children greatly enjoyed the process of planning the Mass and reviewed lots of Scripture to find the most appropriate and inspiring words to share with the school.  Well done Year 6!

Lent Liturgies

This year the Lent liturgies were combined between two classes apart from Year 6 who wrote and celebrated the Mass of St Joseph the Worker. 

The Lent liturgies were very well-attended and all who came felt uplifted and inspired by the beautiful singing, heartfelt prayers and Gospel readings.

Christingle - December 2018

As part of our Advent celebrations we visited St Francis Church and celebrated our Christingle service.  It was lovely to go across to the Church and see Reverend Nick and share the Advent season with our neighbouring Church.


Passion Play 2018

This year we put on a passion play with a slight difference.  We used modern pop songs to share the story of Our Lord’s passion.  The children also read from the Gospel and acted out the story. 

The singing was amazing and all who read and acted were very clear and respectful of the importance of the story.

Advent 2018

This year each class produced an Advent liturgy based around the Advent wreath.  Each class shared prayers, readings and sang hymns and carols.  They ended with drinks and mince pies and parents joined us to look at children’s work and speak to teachers.  They were lovely uplifting liturgies which we all enjoyed.

Blessing of the crib - December 2018

During Advent we joined the children from St Peter’s Academy for the blessing of the crib down St Peter’s Avenue.  We sang some carols, shared some readings and then we joined together in the Church for refreshments.  It was cold but a lovely celebration!

All Saints Mass

Father Andrew presided over our All Saints Mass which was a lovely celebration of all of those who have died and those who are our role models.  The singing was beautiful and the children read beautifully.  Well done to all involved.

Harvest Festival - October 2018

End of Year Mass - July 2018



First Holy Communion 2018


First Holy Communion 2017

In 2017 St Joseph’s had 7 children make their first Holy Communion: Kamil, Joseph, Alex, Kuba, Jessica Aaliyha and Evie-Rose.  We were joined by Saint Mary’s at our school for a special celebration Mass to celebrate them becoming part of our Parish family.  We also had a very special mass at Saint Mary’s Church.




 40th Anniversary Celebration Mass

In 2017 St Joseph’s was 40! To celebrate we hosted a very special anniversary Mass which Bishop Patrick came to celebrate with us.  We had an amazing celebration and really enjoyed ourselves.  Bishop Patrick liked our singing so much that he even tweeted about it!




New classrooms and time capsule

In 2009 we opened the new infant corridor classrooms, Father Tony (our former parish priest) came along to cut the ribbon and we buried a time capsule filled with the things we think show who  we are at our school.



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