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BBC Children in Need

Throughout the week, the class took five minutes to exercise with Joe Wicks along with the rest of the UK. On Friday 13th November, they arrived at school, dressed in their favourite sports gear and Pudsey Bear accessories. We watched live and joined in while Joe completed his incredible 24 hour challenge. Thank you for all your kind donations. Well done for supporting this amazing cause! Here they are celebrating with Joe's favourite - The Silly Billy!

Remembrance Day

Class five honoured those brave souls whose sacrifice we must never forget with two minutes silence. They watched a very moving animated video, read about the history of Armistice Day and coloured poppies to add to our liturgy table as we said a special prayer.

Off with her Head!

The children enjoyed working together to recreate a popular Tudor dance that would have been performed at Court. 


The children worked in groups to create these wonderful poems about Henry VIII and his six wives. They performed them confidently to the class and were a great audience.

To end our fabulous topic Off with her Head, the class were invited to dress up as Tudors. They perfected their dances and performed elegantly at Henry's Royal Court with perfect grace. Don't they look great?





Later, the ladies took on the lords in a jousting tournament and the lords took the glory. Although we didn't have a horse handy and a foam javelin fortunately replaced the lance! 


Year Five LOVE Maths!

We've moved onto multiplication and division in maths. Here, the boys are using some concrete equipment to create arrays which helps them to embed their knowledge of the mathematical concepts.

Like many of their classmates, these girls are so motivated and hard-working that they are reaching mastery questions in many of their lessons.

Breaking news!

We have two members of Y5 who have reached Rock Hero status (average speed - less than 1 second). This has been achieved through hours of dedication at school and at home. Wow - you should be so proud of yourselves!

End of Advent Term One

The class have come back with such enthusiasm for their learning and been so resilient! It's been a memorable and enjoyable first half-term to Y5. So, the children relaxed and watched HTTYD 2 as a treat for all their hard work! 

Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

The Mummification Process

Class 5 have been busy practising the art of mummification. In their pairs, one took on the role of the embalmer and the other a pharaoh needing to be wrapped in linen bandages (all we had was toilet roll - nonetheless, they had lots of fun!)








Becoming Pharaohs

The children have enjoyed designing and creating their very own nemes just like the pharaohs would have worn!





October - The Month of the Holy Rosary

Violet and Julia, our dedicated class chaplains, have been leading the prayers and announcing the mysteries of faith each week in October. During half term, the Glorious Mysteries will be read in church so they made sure our children heard them in school on our last day of term. Here they're reading the last mystery - the Coronation of Mary. 


       Mary and Jesus - Phoebe

Black History Month - October 2020

This month, the children have been learning about black history and have created posters on equality after listening to Rosa Parks' inspirational story.


School Councillors

During Democracy Week (12th - 18th October) we had lots of interest in the two positions of school councillors. All applicants impressed with their confidence and intentions to lead and support our class. Congratulations goes to our successful applicants Connor and Sofia who will both be fantastic councillors. The class and teachers are all so proud of you both. Well done! 


Class Chaplains

We have two new fabulous chaplains in Y5. Julia and Violet have proudly taken on the role and have thoughtfully prepared and confidently delivered some lovely liturgies to our class. They are super role models to their peers, demonstrating and supporting them all with class acts of worship. Well done girls - I'm so proud of you!  


Exciting Exploration

Class 5 have been so eager to get onto our new playground equipment that Mrs McCullagh has kindly treated us to. They have been having a blast- so much fun!


Young Minds Matter #HelloYellow

On Friday 9th October 2020, these wonderfully caring children came to school dressed in yellow to raise money and awareness for the Young Minds Matter charity. 

'Remember that nothing you do is small in the eyes of God. Do all that you do with love'

-St Therese of Lisieux



Time Traveller

We have been looking at how things have changed over time. We have done our own research on different household items to see how they began and how they have changed to what we use today. We have been learning about different artists including Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali and how they depicted time in their work. We have created our own artwork in the style of them.

Scream Machine

We have done lots of science experiments to find out which forces work on rollercoasters and have different effects. We worked on designing our own theme parks and finding routes to theme parks around the country. We also compared lots of different rides and found out about how they work.

RE- Ourselves

Year 5 have been exploring the RE Topic ‘Ourselves’ and have reflected on their qualities and skills and have explored how they can use them effectively. 

Stargazers topic

Year 5 have loved researching our Solar System within our ‘Stargazers’ topic and have enjoyed writing their own Space RAP!




‘Year 5 have been using the Numicon to help them understand decimals’ 


Year Five are having full class music lessons today with some instruments called 'Doods' which are beginner clarinets.   The teacher, Mrs. Hart, taught us how to hold and blow them properly this week and, with her help, most of us managed to play the note B.  We're looking forward to next week when we will learn more about music notation and how to play the note A.


St Thérèse of Lisieux

We looked at St Thérèse of Lisieux in one of our class acts of worship and the two girls put together a lovely focus area Thant helped us to think about St Thérèse.


The Golden Mile



Year five’s topic for this term is Stargazers. To start us off with this, we visited Cleethorpes Observatory which is a short walk away from school. We were given a talk about the night sky and had a look at the different telescopes. Some of the children were even allowed to turn the handle that makes the roof rotate. It was a great introduction to the topic. 




Gainsborough Old Hall


Afternoon Tea with Mrs Pollard


Spring 2018

Barnados workshop


Number Day


Egyptian Dancing


RE- Understanding Unity


Autumn 2017

 Advent Liturgy

 Lab Rascals & EON

  Indoor Athletics

  Problem Solving

 Making Sherbert


End of topic showcase - Stargazers










  Marriage Re-enactment



 PE Human Orrery






   Moon phases





 Cleethorpes Observatory




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