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Year 4


Advent term two

'I Am Warrior' is our new topic. Keep checking the website for more pictures.

Here is the home learning for our new topic.

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Advent term one

School councillors

Billy and Isaac were very excited to be voted in as school councillors. They both gave a very encouraging and convincing speech as to why they should be chosen to represent Year 4. They both promised that they would always do their best, listen carefully to others views and be good ambassadors for the class.



Mrs Bradley gave the children some homemade sweet smelling lavender playdough to help them feel relaxed as part of our therapeutic classroom.

Classroom environment




Advent two- November to December

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 Advent one- September to October

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Double, double toil and trouble.  Fire burn and cauldron bubble

As part of our literacy work this term we have been looking at poetry. We used the witches’ scene from Macbeth to dramatise our own piece of work and had great fun! All of the children really got into character with some doing fabulous sound effects.


Hello yellow

 Some children in Year 4 came to school wearing yellow to show support for young people’s mental health. A donation was given to the charity from the children.

Maths and Science

 Today we combined our maths and science learning to measure viscosity. We all predicted which of the liquids would move down the slope the quickest. Some really surprised us! We ensured it was a fair test making sure the timing was the same as was the slope and the amount of liquid was measured carefully using millilitres in a jug



In year 4 we have been working on our Potions topic. The hook was a scavenger hunt looking for items from Alice in Wonderland. We followed this up with a game of croquet.

We all had a go at making our own potions, some of the ingredients were very interesting!

Potions - Home learning

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 Class information sheet

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Click here for our class information sheet

Knowledge Organisers

Road Trip USA


Traders and Raiders



Lent 2020

World Book Day

Playlist Topic




The life of a Viking


Dance Dance Dance



Fractions - Y4 LOVE Maths!


Advent 2019


Potions Topic - Harry Potter



Hello Yellow #YoungMindsMatter

Brighten Up! CAFOD

1066 Topic

A New Class Four!


Summer 2019

Boudicca leads her fierce Celtic warriors into battle against the ruthless Romans!

One of our talented musicians plays her violin pre-battle to set the solemn tone. 

Let the battle commence!

Spring 2019







Autumn 2018






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