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Year 3


This year we have started lots of new and exciting activities and one of those is talk for writing.

Talk for writing

In Literacy, Year 3 have been learning Charlie And The Chocolate Factory as a storymap with actions!

They have done a fantastic job learning the start of the story.


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Advent term


Our cookery this term has been traditional stone age recipes.  We really enjoyed it and even liked the taste of some of it!



Tribal tales

Our topic has been tribal tales and we have made some traditional stone age pottery.


Conscience alley

As part of our development we have to make decisions about moral, social and ethical dilemmas. We really enjoyed sharing our thoughts and ideas.


British Science week - Lab rascals

Lab Rascals came to teach us about polymers while we made slime as part of science week.  We had a great time and we learnt lots about different materials.




In year 3 as part of our Maths we have been looking at how we can use manipulatives and enjoying our numicon.




Bread Tasting



Fruit Sculptures



Summer 2018

Our new topic this term is tribal tales.  We are exploring British history though the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.  We have created cave art using our hands and fingers and are just starting to build Stonehenge. We shared how tribes shared their stories in small groups around a camp fire.


 Heroes and Villains

In our Heroes and Villains topic we had to decide whether we would be a hero or a villain and make moral decisions.  We had lots of fun completing conscience alleys and arguing for and against different dilemmas.    We learnt the ballad of Bonnie and Clyde and performed it along with the ‘Cruella de Vil’ song by Selena Gomez.  We really relished the opportunity to show off our singing and dancing skills.


Spring 2018

Our topic this term has been Scrummdiddlyumptious and we have really enjoyed the tasting sessions!  We tried all sorts of different fruits and explored where they came from and why they grew so well in that country. We made smoothies, mango and yogurt cake, pineapple upside down cake and fruity yogurt lollies to try.



 Autumn Term 2017

 This year we are having a big focus on reading across school and in Year 3 we have been reading together at the end of the day on a short story and enjoying our time in the reading corner.  We have really enjoyed sharing time together listening to a story and sharing our ideas and opinions about the story.



 Yorkshire Museum

Our new topic is Gods and Mortals. In this we are examining the traditions and culture of the Ancient Greeks as part of this we have visited the Yorkshire Museum in York where we had a workshop looking at different aspects of the Ancient Greek culture, we dressed as Greek Gods and Goddess, practised our temple building skills, long jump, weaving and acted out the Greek myth of Medusa and Perseus.





 Afternoon Tea


End of Predators Topic - Showcase 


As part of our Predators topic we have been creating some excellent home learning with some fantastic examples of predators being created.  Here are just a few examples.



As part of our Topic looking at Predators we visited Woodside Wildlife Park in Lincolnshire. We saw some amazing animals and even got to hold some of them! Despite the rain we had a brilliant time and learnt lots about the birds of prey they have there and got to see a crocodile swim!



When we got back to school we created foodchains on the laptop choosing our favourite Predator and identifying what they eat and where they fit in a foodchain.  We had lots of fun finding out who chose the Apex predators!

40th year celebrations showcase




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