St. Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

We Value All in the Name of Jesus the Christ

Year 2


Magnificent monarchs

In our continuous provision in topic work on Magnificent Monarchs we used lego to create castles and Palaces. We used google to find pictures of lots of castles and palaces to help us with our designs.

Literacy - talk for writing

In Literacy we have been working in identifying the features of non-fiction texts. We used a selection of books and looked up the index, contents and glossary pages. We know how to use these elements when using non-fiction books.


In Maths we have been working on Place value. We have used mathematical language such as greater than, less than and equal to.

We have also been learning about part, part whole models when working with tens and ones.


In RE our topic is Beginnings. We have been learning about the story of Creation. We went outside and wrote prayers thanking God for his creation. We shared them with each other during our act of worship.

 We have also been using Art in our RE lessons. We used water colours to create the Creation story to help us retell the sequence of the story.

We have some super artists in our class as you can see in our art work. 



Mini beast hunt

Our topic this term is wriggle and crawl so we started it with a mini beast hunt.  We explored the habitat of our playground, field and peace garden to see who shares their home with us! We used lots of scientific equipment and had a great time!

BBC Radio Lincolnshire

We were very excited to be interviewed by BBC radio Lincolnshire.  We shared our fun facts about mini beasts and enjoyed having the chance to chat about all of our learning!


Lincoln Castle September 2019









Our Lady of Walsingham

The children re-enacted the story of Our Lady of Walsingham


Beat, Band Boogie!

Making our own musical instruments for our Beat, Band Boogie topic.



Land Ahoy!

As part of our topic 'Land Ahoy!' we had a visit from Mr Playford who told us all about being a lifeboat man.



In year two we have been looking at the Eucharist and how it links to the Last Supper. We recalled the words used and re-enacted the Last Supper.




Muck, Mess & Mixtures




Autumn 2017

Spring 2017


We celebrated our Lent Liturgy; we were pleased to welcome lots of our families to join us in this thoughtful reflection our journey through Lent. Some of us were lucky enough to share in a Lent Liturgy led by the chaplaincy team.


In Literacy we have been working on following and writing instructions.  We had to work with a partner and instruct each other on how to move like a dinosaur. I was such fun. We love our literacy lessons.


For World Book Day we dressed up as different characters from our favourite books. It was great to talk about our favourite stories and listen to each other too.  Our costumes look really good.

On Red Nose Day we wore red noses or something funny on our heads. We donated our money and bought cakes and juice.

 Number Day 2017

Division and multiplication using sweets.

Autumn 2016

In year 2 we are really enjoying our numeracy lessons. We have learning all about Venn and Carroll diagrams. The numeracy in year two is a bit tricky, but we like the challenge. We work with each other on some activities and sometimes on our own. 

 In RE we have just started our new topic which is Signs and Symbols. We will be learning all about what Baptism means. We will also act out a Baptism. Our RE focus area is a place where we can sit quietly and pray, think, or look at the bible and other religious books. It is also a place were we can wonder about the different questions we might have.




For our RE topic on Baptism we visited St Francis Church.



During a Literacy lesson we read a book about a witch and dressed up to look like one.


In Numeracy we have been adding amounts of money and counting on.


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