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Year 1


Our classroom environment

Advent term two

Here you will find key information, photographs and details about the learning taking place in year one.

Knowledge organiser - Childhood

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 Medium term plan

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Knowledge organiser - Childhood

Advent term one 

Topic - Dinosaur planet

In Year 1 our first topic of the year has been dinosaur planet. We have been learning many fun and fascinating things about dinosaurs and what they were like.


Making Dinosaur Eggs

Year 1 have been very busy making dinosaur eggs out of clay. Each child chose their favourite dinosaur and looked at their size to see what size egg they would lay. As you can see it got rather messy!





Knowledge organiser - Dinosaur Planet

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Black history month

This month, the children have been learning about black sporting athletes and their sporting achievements.  We looked at 4 key black athletes and their achievements.



Medium term plan - September to October

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Staff information

This is our staff information sheet to help you become familiar with the staff in year one

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We have been trying to sort animals into groups because Scientists are always classifying and grouping different things. Some children had crawling, flying and swimming groups. Some had a big animal group, a small animal group and a medium sized animal group. Some children organised them into two legged, four legged and no legged. Then we learnt that; animals can be sorted into Reptiles, Mammals, Birds, Fish and Amphibians; and that there are Scientific words about groups of animals that eat the same thing. Carnivores eat only meat. Herbivores eat only plants. Omnivores, like humans, can eat both.

 February 2020 - London Topic

September 2019

Class 1 children have been using Numicon maths apparatus to support learning of number bonds.

As part of topic- Memory Boxes, Miss Thorpe shared her memories and children are to make and develop their own.


We have been creating woodland crowns linked to our Enchanted Woodland topic.




Palm Sunday - here we are acting out the story


We really enjoyed meeting the animals when Nunny Farm came to visit.






There's a very, very naughty pea on the loose, can Supertato save the day?


RE - Myself


Year One Class Chaplains





Afternoon Tea


Summer 2018



Spring 2018

Lego intervention




Number Day




Autumn 2017

Sockasaurus making


Part, part whole


Fossil Making


Baptism with Reverend Nick


Enchanted Woodland showcase



Year 1 pupils took part in Gym – Body Management PE lessons.  They learnt how to name, use and demonstrate small and large body parts. They practised links to static positions. They then performed a learnt sequence to each other in small groups. Finally they performed an original 3 part sequence containing different body balances and links including rolls and spins.


 The children discovered something magical in Year 1 classroom this week!

Who do you think might live here?




Wilma came to visit us this term and we learnt all about wild hedgehogs. We discussed why they had spikes on their backs and what they eat. We loved looking after Wilma and even invited her to our Woodland Party at the end of term!


For our new topic, 'Enchanted Woodland' Year 1 went to the classroom in the woods. Look at all the exciting things we saw and did!



Spring 2017

In RE we looked at the story of Palm Sunday. Here you can see the children waving their palm leaves as Jesus rode in on a donkey!  Some children then went on to retell the story in their own words.








Year one made a super effort for Red Nose Day! They donated £1 and enjoyed a cake and juice at break time.  Well done everybody!







We have been learning how to tell the time in maths. The children were unsure how long a minute was, so we have been doing lots of activities which needed completing in one minute so the children became more aware of the duration. Here the children are counting how many star jumps they can do in one minute!


We drew a huge clock face on the playground and used ourselves as the minute and hour hand! We had lots of fun working as a class to show o'clock and half past times. 


In Science we have been learning all about plants and finding our what plants need to grow. We planted our own seeds ensuring we put them in soil, in a warm, light place. We have been watering the plants and measuring them every week are are very surprised at how quick our sunflowers have grown!



We enjoyed walking around the school grounds searching for signs of Spring using our tick lists.


We have been studying the artist L.S.Lowry this half term. The children had a chance to paint their own Lowry inspired pictures and they look fabulous!


Autumn 2016

During year 1’s topic of The Carnival of Animals; we have been discussing mammals. The children have created mammal masks and collages to describe the features of lions and elephants. 



Year One walked across the road to the church to visit Reverend Nick. We learnt all about Baptism and asked Reverend Nick some very important questions. This helped support our learning in our RE Topic, 'Belonging'.



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