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The children have been settling in well to their new class environment, which is calming and organised for the children to develop their independence, and we have been experiencing lots of stories, songs and rhymes to develop our confidence, speaking and listening skills. The classroom has ‘Friendly Bear’, who is cuddled by someone who is feeling a little tired or sad. We have been enjoying relaxing music at the beginning of the day and also through the session, as part of our ‘Therapeutic classroom’ routine, and with the sunshine we have been having the children have accessed our own outdoor provision.

Once upon a time project

This term our new topic is 'once upon a time' please see the information sheet below on how you can support your child at home.


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The children in FS2 have learnt about ‘Welcome’ and ‘Baptism’ this term. They have listened well to stories about Jesus and have particularly enjoyed making a ‘Welcome’ sign for our classroom door and using the new ‘Imagination Station’ outside to act out a Baptism.



Forest school

The Early Years children have been lucky enough to experience the new ‘Outdoor classroom’ we have for Forest School. It provides a place to sit and investigate our findings and surroundings. The children have used it as a base in the windy weather to create ‘wands’ and hedgehogs, linked to the children’s own interests.


We are constantly looking at ways to improve the Forest School Site. We moved the old ‘Bug Hotel’ before we ‘revamp’ it, but not before exploring all the creatures who live there. We saw a spider in a web, some slugs and a woodlouse.




Photo gallery



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Spring Term 2020

This term we have been looking at people who help us in school and people who help us like the emergency services who visited.

We celebrated Chinese New Year and learnt a bit about their culture and made a Chinese Dragon and moved to Chinese music.

We have done a lot of practical maths, through activities including baking. This includes addition and subtraction and recorded, with lots of number formation practice. We have enjoyed outdoor counting and number activities in the cold weather.



Autumn Term 2019

Every day our teachers are taking us to use the playground in year one. Alongside the physical development opportunities in our continuous provision (in the classroom and outside) this gives us a further opportunity to develop our co-ordination and gross motor skills by climbing, We are also learning to manage risks.


Our theme this term is, 'Will you read me a story?' We are exploring questions such as, 'Was the Big Bad Wolf really so bad?  ‘How many bowls of porridge did Goldilocks eat?’ We are enjoying exploring this magical project all about fairy tales, goodies and baddies! 

Mrs McHugh is teaching us lots of maths games. Here we are enjoying numicon, pass the parcel. We had to describe the number we could feel before revealing it to the class. Great fun!       

Sept 2019  



FS2 have been learning essential skills in PE. We have then transferred our improved jumping, focus and body movements skills to help us learn or improve our skipping. We have enjoyed it so much some children are practising their skills during free-flow and at home in order to improve.





Pancake Day

FS2 and Nursery made pancakes on Pancake Day. They were delicious!

The children chose different toppings. Jam, golden syrup, chocolate spread, marshmallows or sprinkles.




As you can see from the pictures below, we have had a great start to the new year.

We love the home corner for role play. 

We have been building our own toys with Lego. We had our first PE lesson and love our PE kits we put on ourselves. The Honey Bear Game is such fun. We have also been trying out our dance moves to I’m a Milkshake on Go-Noodle

In RE we have been talking about ourselves and our names. 

We have a Star of the Day. Can you spot our star badge and golden star chair cover?

In Maths we matched dots on dice to Numicon. We were fabulous at counting. It was FUN FUN FUN.




Afternoon Tea




Spring 2018

Fantasy Fairy Tales


 Autumn 2017

Fun in the snow


Journey to Space




Christmas Enterprise



Posting letters to Father Christmas


 Food from around the world










The Gruffalo



 Den building


 40th Anniversary Celebration


Holidays role play


Boys in charge

Spring 2017

Pancake Day in FS2



Autumn 2016

We visited Pennells as part of our 'Growing' topic



We love to learn through playing outside and we always have lots to do.  Some of our favourite things are playing instruments and drawing. We also have trikes, hoops, dolls with a pushchair and lots more. 

 "I like to play the tambourine." Elizabeth

 "I like to play with the flower maracas because they make music." Brooke

 "I like drawing my family and I draw pictures for my teacher and my friends." Amelia


We are following the Read Write Inc. phonics programme and we enjoy learning to read and write our sounds. We are already beginning to blend and segment the sounds to read and write words. 

 "I like to learn the 'm' sound because we remember it like 'Maisie mountain mountain'. I like it when we do all the sounds." Maisie

 "I like it when we read the words and I want to spell.  I look for the sounds we learn in the classroom to read." Isaac

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