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Nursery / FS1

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Transient art, bubble blowing and exploring our 'investigation area' 


Exploring volume and capacity, learning about sequence and following instructions, along with developing hand-eye coordination. All this through having a tea party. Great fun!

   Planting sunflowers

In Nursery we follow 'in the moment planning'.

This means we regularly identify children's current interests and plan and evaluate from day to day or during the moment it is happening. Staff are skilled at seizing the moment, when a child shows interest in an activity, which can be built upon and are a 'teachable moment'. We offer an environment that enables child initiated play.

Here are some photos of our children highly engaged in their play. 





Autumn Term 2018

We have been busy settling back into nursery after the summer break and welcoming our new starters.



 2017- 2018

In Nursery, we enjoy using numicon in our play. Numicon allows the children to see numbers visually and helps them to see the relationship between numbers.

We love to learn outside whatever the weather!


Our texture kitchen became an ice kitchen.

We love to get creative! Here we are creating Santa's grotto. Later we enjoyed role play, taking it in turns being Father Christmas. Great fun.

We discussed the words 'love' and 'peace' then  joined the whole school in decorating a rock for our peace garden. 

Autumn 2017

Physical Development

We love listening to and exploring stories. Supertato has been the favourite this term.

Oh no! The evil pea is out of the freezer again, Mwa ha ha! I hope the children can find their name when they arrive.The children decided they wanted to protect the 'Super Veggies', so they made a jelly and counted out evil peas as they threw them in. 

The evil pea strikes again! Mwa ha ha ha! The children were desperate to save him and lots of discussion went on about how they could free him from the ice. 

In Nursery we love to sing and dance. Here we are singing 'Punchanella'.

In Nursery we enjoy making activities that develop the muscles in our shoulders, arms, wrists, hands and fingers. We had great fun squirting our friends.

Den Building - The Nursery children have seen the FS2 children den building and are keen to have a go themselves, building strength in their fingers as they squeeze the clips to hold the frame together. It was lovely to hear their imaginations developing as they played in their den when finished.


Outside Writing  


PE Lesson  

Summer 2017

Dolly Parton Imagination Library



Spring 2017

This term we have introduced lots of new and exciting activities to the continuous provision. We love being able to make our own play dough in our dough kitchen.


Our new mark making trolley is fantastic. We have had great fun exploring what marks we can make. 

 We love paint flicking! it strengthens our wrists ready for being able to write.

We have been learning about what we need to do to be a good friend.

On World Book Day we all dressed up as our favourite characters. We talked about and read some of our favourite books.

Autumn 2016

In Nursery we love to sing, here we are joining together for a sing song! Our teachers have been introducing us to our fantastic outdoor provision. We love choosing what we want to play with, free flowing from inside to outside. Here we are enjoying sand and water play and exploring what happens on a windy day.   




In Nursery we love our texture kitchen and are looking forward to introducing mud to it very soon!

We love to play outside whatever the weather. Here we are exploring colour by adding paint to puddles, great fun!

We enjoy learning in our construction area. Luca and Blazej decided to find out how tall they are.

In Nursery we enjoy some group time. During 'Nursery Rhyme' week we carried out a science investigation to find out why spiders don't stick to their own webs. We love being scientists.



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