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THis year's sporting events


We have been advised this year that the current school games cycle has been suspended in regard to external competitions and swimming.  As soon as we have further information we will update this section of our website.

We will, of course, continue with internal class competitions and challenge the children to best their own personal bests in sport.

Virtual events:

Basketball Dribble Relay

Twist and Flip Gymnastics Challenge


28th January - Y4 Dodgeball

30th January - Y3/4 Indoor Athletics

3rd - 14th February - Y2/3 Swimming

4th February - Y5 Dodgeball

11th March - Y3/4/5 Cross Country


9th May - Yr3 & yr4 Quad Kids

21st May - yr5 & Yr6 Mixed Cricket

22nd May - yr 5 & yr6 Girls Cricket 

5th June - Team yr6 Rounders competition

6th June - year yr5 & yr6 Quad Kids

11th June - yr6 - Mixed Cricket

13th June - Team yr5 & yr6 Tennis Competition

18th June - yr5 Mixed Cricket

20th June - UNICEF - Soccer Aid Day

20th June - Team yr5 & yr6 - Netball Competition

24th June - 5th July - yr3 & yr4 Swimming

25th June - Yr6 Orienteering

2nd July - Skipping Festival

3rd July - yr2 Quad Kids





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