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Sports Councillors




Our Year 4, 5 & 6 PE Councillors



During the Spring 2019 term the Sports Council were responsible for finding out from the children which activities they liked the best that the zoneparker and sports leaders were running. They completed a questionnaire and then met with Mrs McCullagh to put together the new timetable for the playground activities. The Sports Councillors were then able to find new activities and increase the number of the most popular events so everyone is able to enjoy the playground.




Here's what the sports councillors have to say about themselves.

Hi, my name is Nico. I am in Year 6 and I am in the Sports council. My favourite sport is football because I enjoy it and it is important to do sports to keep our fitness up. I like to do P.E at our school because it helps our fitness and motivates us to do it outside of school.


Hi, my name is Courtney and I am the year 6 sport councillor. I think P.E is important because you need to stay fit and healthy! It helps us to be active outside of school.


Hi, my name is Annie, I am in Year 4 and I am in the sports council. I really enjoy sports ad my favourite sport is gymnastics which I attend outside of school and also compete in competitions. I think it is really important to get children active.


Hi, my name is Maddison. I am in Year 4 and I am a sports councillor. I really enjoy dancing and used to compete in competitions in Blackpool and Leeds. P.E in school helps you to be more active and it helps other children learn about sports education.


Hi, my name is Lennon and I am the Year 5 Sports Councillor. I really wanted to be a sports councillor because I really like P.E and I go to football three times a week. I also wanted to be a sports councillor because I think it is important for us to enjoy different sports in school and we get to work together as a team.


Hi, my name is Morgan and I’m in Class 5. I wanted to be a sports councillor because I love P.E and sports. My favourite sport is kick-ball rounders.


Hello. My name is Eve and I am in year 3.  I wanted to be a sports councillor because I like playing sports and I like helping people.  I am looking forward to choosing new equipment for the playground so we can play new games and get fit.

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