St. Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

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At St. Joseph’s we have adopted the Science ‘Planit’ units from Twinkl and the aims that we cover are taken directly from the 2014 National Curriculum.  Each subject area has been split into a minimum of six different units for coverage of the 2014 National Curriculum throughout the school year. Throughout each unit we encourage pupils to think independently and endeavour to build confidence and competence in a full range of practical skills while carrying out scientific investigations.

In order to become a Scientist, we believe that children throughout our school must be able to work scientifically while developing their understanding of the world around them.  This is done through a range of topics which involves the following outcomes:

  • To understand plants.
  • To understand animals and humans.
  • To investigate living things.
  • To understand evolution and inheritance.
  • To investigate material.
  • To understand movement, forces and magnets.
  • To understand the Earth's movement in space.
  • To investigate light and seeing.
  • To investigate sound and hearing.
  • To understand electrical circuits.
Click the link below to see what the children will be learning in each year group.
CURRICULUM Science Yearly Overview
Diary dates