St. Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

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Here at St. Joseph's music is a big part of our school life. We love to sing in hymn practices, assemblies and masses; the Young Voices choir perform in a concert every January at Sheffield Arena with 5000 other children; the Hollywoods after school drama club put on a musical each summer; we even hear the teachers singing in their classrooms sometimes! 

The music curriculum is delivered through the use of Music Express - an online scheme of work that provides a classroom-based, participatory and inclusive approach to music learning. Throughout the scheme, children are actively involved in using and developing their singing voices, using body percussion and whole body actions, and learning to handle and play classroom instruments effectively to create and express their own and others’ music. Through a range of whole class, group and individual activities, children have opportunities to explore sounds, listen actively, compose and perform.

In addition to the plans below, Year 6 will also be learning how to play the Samba drums during their music lessons.

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